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Forget Nuclear Densitometers. Switch to the Ultimo Density Meter.

No longer do you need to use nuclear densitometers to measure the density of abrasive, caustic or corrosive process material. 


The Ultimo Density Meter measures more accurately, with 100% uptime and without periodic recalibrations or maintenance. Whether for a slurry, liquid or loose solid, . it's an easy, 10 minute installation.


The total cost of ownership is lower than nuclear. No administrative headaches, no nuclear issues, no governmental oversight or paperwork and no restrictions on where the Ultimo Density Meter may be used.    


Extend your optimization strategy throughout the plant. 


Fill out the form below to find out if you qualify for a

FREE TRIAL and also get a copy of a customer trial report from one of the largest miners in the world. 

What customer experts are saying about our technology:


“We have been looking for this for a long, long time.  This is really neat.”

“..with this I can get rid of all our Nuclear meters."

"...just like nuclear. "


"...this is the future. "


Introducing The Ultimo Density Meter

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