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Organization and Ownership 

Founded in 2006, Ultimo is a privately held corporation headquartered in the state of Rhode Island, on the East Coast of the USA. Most of its shareholder/members are active in the business.  Additionally, Ultimo utilizes the expertise of a team of seasoned industry veterans and partners globally. 


Product Development

The Density Meter version 4.1 is Ultimo’s newest density meter. This meter came to market in early 2014, following years of field trials conducted on five continents. This work has resulted in a product with exemplary robustness, stability and performance.  


Manufacturing and Testing

Ultimo Density Meters are manufactured and assembled under ISO 9001 standards.   Each module is tested at various points in the assembly process, and at completion tested again as a system using the Ultimo Testing Laboratory simulated flow loop system. To ensure quality and efficiency we employ state of the art LEAN concepts, including partnering with suppliers, vendor managed inventories, teamwork, open communication, and elimination of waste.  Ultimo works with suppliers who share our philosophy and values, including rapid response to customer needs.


Intellectual Property

Ultimo protects its intellectual property by obtaining method and device patents in the major industrialized countries and regions of the world. Additionally, Ultimo requires evaluators, advisors, and beta site companies to sign non-use and non-disclosure agreements.


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