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Process plants no longer need to rely on nuclear densitometers or costly Coriolis devices to measure the density of abrasive, caustic, or corrosive process material. 


The Ultimo Density Meter measures more accurately, with unmatched 100% uptime and without needing periodic recalibrations or maintenance, whatever the content material. The first units installed by Ultimo 8 years ago are still working 24/7, never needing recalibration, any parts replaced, or any service. 


The total cost of ownership is far lower than nuclear devices. administrative headaches,  and concerns with nuclear are a thing of the past. The cost savings vs, Coriolis are even greater.  There is no governmental oversight, paperwork, or restrictions on where l can be measured. 


Even more importantly, the Ultimo Density Meter allows a process plant to extend its optimization strategy throughout the plant. Installation is quick and easy, and the Ultimo Density Meter works equally well on industry-standard process pipes.   It is a safe, reliable, and robust instrument providing many years of carefree and reliable service.


Developed by a team of dedicated experts, fine-tuned with input from leading process control instrumentation companies, and tested field-tested on five continents over several years, the Ultimo Density Meter is used today by some of the world’s largest producers of gold, copper, and other metals and minerals -as well as production dredgers and soon to be in oilfield applications.

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What customer experts are saying about our technology:


“We have been looking for this for a long, long time.  This is really neat.”

“..with this I can get rid of all our Nuclear meters."

"...just like nuclear. "


"...this is the future. "

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A full description of the Ultimo Density Meter’s advanced features may be found on the Product Data Sheet on the Downloads Page. Versiones en español de nuestros documentos también están disponibles en la página Información. 


We invite you to contact Ultimo or your regional Reseller to see if you qualify for a one-month, no obligation trial.


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