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Frank M. Lubrano, CEO - Frank was the CEO and led the launch and rapid growth of two technology based start-up companies; Fountainhead Technologies and Universal Medical Scanners.  Fountainhead developed Nature2 technology, a mineral based catalyst system for the recreational water market which is now one of the principal product lines of Zodiac Pool Care Systems.  

Frank also led Universal Medical Scanners which pioneered the development of mobile shared-used of MRI and other high-tech, high-ticket diagnostic and treatment modalities to rural medical centers throughout the US.  Frank began his career as a CPA with the former Price Waterhouse & CO and later served in a senior business planning and financial analysis capacity for the Industrial Products Group of what is now Rockwell Automation.  

Alexander M. Raykhman, Ph.D., CTO - Dr. Raykhman earned his doctoral degree in Industrial Process Automation at the Moscow Mining University.  For over 30 years Dr. Raykhman has been applying his expertise in adaptive control and artificial intelligence to the development of complex measuring and diagnostic systems.  His research covers non-linear dynamic systems analysis, industrial heavy-duty equipment mathematical simulation, theory of automatic troubleshooting and failure forecasting, and algorithms for noise suppression in measuring and control systems.


ULTIMO utilizes the special talents of experts in chemical engineering, process control, mechanical engineering and mathematical physics from several major universities in the US.  In addition ULTIMO has collaborative relationships with over twenty domain experts from Asia, Europe, Canada and North America as well as with its partner Resellers in several countries.  Two key participants in our development are:

Val Kashin, Ph.D. is an expert in forces and strength calculations and led the development effort of ULTIMO’s percussion-based striker/receiver module.     

Eugene Naidis converts our processing algorithms into real time programming. Eugene holds master’s degree in mechanical engineering with advanced studies in computer science and has been the lead engineer on several real time programming projects.

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